Planet Phoenix
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Some links

"zero" in memorian page: I just starting it. I cry again with every line I add but also smile and warms my heart. Everything you want to add or change, just tell me. Also links to tributes or things some of you told me.

My new River sites: tumblr and Wordpress Blog. They’re empty yet, but a wise man just told me "write" so I already started. This all is being very weird to me, being alone without her after so much time together… I keep waiting for her to appear… but I know it’s the right thing to not start a new phobia (a ciber phobia or social one) and that man is great so… for he to see me not procrastinating, because he sees everything like “zero” used to do :´)

Roadtrip tumblr: not new site but we didn’t talked about it yet so… I run that with who “zero” would call “two” and “four”, I think, and I’ll not quit, I’ll continue being there.

Thanks! You’re all amazing, so nice remembering her and with me


zero = ∞

zero will be forever here, with us, even if her heart stopped beating. 

She also said many times, talking about River, there’s no mystery in death. Just that, a heart that stops working. The important things are the ones we do while we’re alive, and that’s what finally will make her infinite for us, like her infinity symbol she liked. She made a difference while lived. She made many other lives better caring of us and being like a fast smart bee who flies guiding the hive finding new places, and no one of us will forget.

This tumblr was a zero+one project so I prefer keeping it like is now. I’ll continue answering messages if any arrive and they’re nice, in private, and if some of you want to share a message for her can do (telling me that) and I’ll include them in a memoriam page for her here. I’ll probably post about River in other place… I don’t know yet when and where, I need time… I’ll do not only about him but the things I learned about him or about life from her, that were a lot because she was a very wise person.

She’d say I’m corny and I always talk too much, but she liked using symbols when talking so I hope she likes mines. She always told me to be less dramatic and eating mangoes, like River, so yes: less drama, more mangoes, and thanks to all the people who loved her :´)



by Sean Yeh

To my queen bee. My friend. My guide. I miss you.
You’re still here, like Joaquin and the bees.

lucky enough to find these movies at a garage sale yesterday

"He was a strict vegetarian, a vegan—but it wasn’t about health, it was about not killing… . That’s a real important point. He wanted to be free; he didn’t want to be chained to anything. He wasn’t scared of anything. He had no fear."

- Sky Sworski on River Phoenix
(via leonmcgrawquotes)


I think Will Poulter looks like River Phoenix haha
River - ‘Dogfight’ premiere